Adrian's MV Agusta Brutale 990R - Track Days
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I took my Brutale to an evening track day at Snetterton in May 2015.  The weather had been appalling up to 2 pm then the rain stopped.  I rode 65 miles on
drying roads to the track to check-in at 5pm.  We had clear blue skies with a strong wind.  The one and only dark cloud promptly dumped a load more rain during
the siting laps.  The sun and the wind managed to dry out the track during all 3 sessions.  I then rode back with a hail storm and heavy rain midway.  It sure is
great living in the UK!

I really enjoyed riding the Brutale round Snetterton, all my previous track days over the last 10 years have been on my Triumph Tigers so this was my first ride
with a light, fast bike with sport handling and brakes.  I kept revs down to 9,000 as the engine had only covered 1,200 miles.  My MV had no trouble hanging with
older R1's, Blades and Gixer thousands.  The Brutale's Brembo brakes are simply stunning.  On the road I find the rear brake totally under whelming but on a
track with heavy use of the front brake the rear is perfect for slowing or sliding the rear.  Changes of direction are so easy compared to an adventure bike. When
I happened on slower riders I could cut inside, zip past, brake and tip into the next bend.  Brilliant fun.  I'm not convinced about the standard Pirelli Diablo Corse
tyres, they are so hard that they show few signs of bluing or tearing after hard cornering on a track.  I have since switch to Dunlop Sportsmart II's which are a
huge improvement on the track and on the road. I enjoyed a second trip to Snetterton in 27 July 2015, 2 dry sessions then it rained.
Cadwell Park May 26 for my second Trackday evening session.  This is a bit of a wimpy shot
as I crest the mountain in 3rd, later in the session I had the front wheel higher.  
In 2016 I took the Brutale to Snetterton and Rockingham.  The Brutale is now really flying and the Dunlop RoadSmart2's were superb on both tracks.  The MV has stunning
brakes, I could outbrake everything else. Then I can release the brakes, tip the Brutale on to full lean with no loss of composure.  What a bike, so easy and safe to ride fast
and everyone wants to chat and ask what it is like to ride.  I am well pleased.
Really working the tyres